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The Curbside CoLab has two conference rooms available for meetings, casting calls, rehearsals, etc., as well as our multi-use variable-size stage, which can be used for corporate presentations, weddings, live broadcasts, theatrical performances, and tour-prep rehearsals for live bands and DJ's. It's configurable to be as small as 12' x 20', or as large as 16' x 20'. The conference rooms are both approximately 13' x 15', and can be configured empty, or with a conference table setup, and both include presentation monitors and full Wi-Fi access. 

Please use the form below the calendar to request use of the space you need. Requests are reviewed and responded to within 24 hours.

PURPLE = Stage Reservations
BLUE = Bertolt Brecht Conference Room - Single Door
RUST = Peter Brooks Conference Room - Double Glass Doors
LIGHT BLUE = Backstage Area Dressing Rooms
BEIGE = CoLab Control Room

Please provide your FULL name.

Pick a date

If you need the room for multiple dates, please put the run of dates in the Notes at the end of the submission form.

Please describe what you'll be using the space you're requesting for. Examples: Meeting, Scene Rehearsal, Casting Call, etc.

Sound Reinforcement System (PA) Sound Engineer
Recording Engineer Lighting
Lighting Designer Lighting Operator
Video Camera(s) Camera Operator(s)
Broadcast Production Director Haze
Cold-Fire Sparklers Audience Seating
VIP Table Seating Drum Riser
Drum Set Guitar Amplifier(s)
Bass Amplifier(s) Floor Monitor(s)
In-Ear Monitor(s) Wireless Handheld Microphone(s)
Wireless Lavalier Microphone(s) We do not require any additional services

Check all services you may require for use on the CoLab Performance Stage. Labor will be charged for operators & engineers. Rental may be charged for equipment use. Our Facilities Manager will respond with specific questions and clarifications, and will then provide a quote for any charged services/equipment.

No Stage
12' x 20'
16' x 24'
Current Setup, regardless of size

We have 3 configurations available: No Stage, 12'x20' and 16'x24'. Depending on the size set up before your requested event, a charge may be incurred to change the stage for your usage. You will have the option to waive the setup charge and use the stage in its current configuration

Provide any additional information required so we can properly respond to your request. If your request is for multiple dates, please include all of the dates you need the requested space.

Please fill out the above form to the best of your abilities.
Our Facilities Manager will respond with questions or expected charges within 24 hours.


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